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Sleep Questionnaire
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Sleep Diary

Here are the types of items that you will need to bring with you, some of which are suggested, and some of which are required:

 You will need to bring your prescription and medical insurance ID cards.

 If your insurance requires a referral, it is very important that you bring
 the referral form with you.

 You will need to bring lightweight sleeping attire (no nylon please,
 because it will interfere with test).

 We recommend that you bring cotton pajamas or a cotton top with
 pants, or, if you prefer, shorts.

 You will need to bring any personal toiletries (such as toothpaste, a
 toothbrush, deodorant and other personal hygiene products) you will
 need in the morning.

 You will need to bring a change of clothes for the morning, if desired.

 You may bring your own pillow, if desired.

 You may bring any medications you need to take

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