Sleep Disorders Center
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Dos And Don'ts
sleep study


In the 24-hour period before your sleep study, here are some additional things you can/should not do:

 Limit the amount of fluid intake 2-3 hours before you arrive at the Sleep
 Disorders Center

 Do not consume alcohol on the day of your sleep study

 Do not consume coffee on the day of your sleep study after 12 noon

 You can enjoy your normal dinner meal, as long as coffee does not have
 a part in it

 Please take your non-sleep related medications at their prescribed
 times. If you take a prescribed sleep medication, you may bring
 that medication with you when you come to the Sleep Disorders Center.

 Do not smoke after 12 noon, as nicotine can influence the results of
 your sleep study.

 You can shower or bathe, and shampoo your hair. But, your hair must
 be completely dry before you arrive at the Sleep Disorders Center for
 your sleep study.


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